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Kangbiotech devote to develop sweetener and flavor enhancer or modifier, which derived from the bitter orange (Latin:Citrus Aurantium L.). We offer custom-made flavor solution that meet different finished products, whether they are sweet, salty or spicy, especially to inhibit the unpleasant taste and smell.

Our expert team will offer you a customised service, attending and understanding your needs and will kindly advise you properly. Our goal is your success, enhancing the value of your products.

  • Hesperidin

    Natural phenolic compound with a wide range of biological effects. Important raw material for diosmin production.

  • Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcon
    Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcon

    Low-calorie sweetener derived from bitter orange, with a sweetness of 1,500 to 1,800 times more than sucrose, NHDC has been treated as the most representative substance of FMPs(flavorings with modifying properties).

  • Naringinegehalte

    Een flavonoïde glycoside dat overvloedig aanwezig is in de schil van grapefruit en pomelo; die wordt gekenmerkt door antioxiderende werking, ontstekingsremmende effecten, antibacteriële en antivirale eigenschappen.

  • PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)
    PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)

    A group of the flavonoids naturally found in citrus peel, with tangeretin (Tan) and nobiletin (Nob) as the main components. There is a growing interest in applying PMFs to nutraceuticals productss because of their multiple health-promoting benefits.

  • Compound Sweetener
    Compound Sweetener

    Compound sweeteners with different sweetness and taste profile are available professionally designed according to our customers demands.