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Néohesperidin Dihydrochalcone

Place of Origin: Hunan China

Nom de la marque: Kang

Numéro du modèle: KL-001

Certification: ISO9001 / Halal / Casher

Conditions commerciales du produit
Quantité minimum:1KG
Détails de l'emballage:Packed in paper-drums and double inner food grade plastic bag.
Délai de livraison:7-15 jours
Conditions de paiement:T/T; L/C;Western Union
Capacité d'approvisionnement:20MT par an
Détail rapide:

1. Description

Neohesperidin DC ("NHDC" for short hereinafter) is a low-calorie sweetener derived from neohesperidin, a flavonone extracted from citrus fruit, with a sweetness of 1500 to 1800 times as that as sucrose. NHDC could also be used as off-notes blocker or flavor enhancer in dietary supplements and feed additives, to reduce bitterness or other off-notes of animal feed, or improve taste profiles of certain foods and drinks.

NHDC could be applied to formulations of candy, chewing gum, yoghurt, beverage, dessert, ice cream, toothpaste, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, in combination with other sweeteners, to obtain synergistic effects.

2. Caractéristiques

Partie utiliséeImmature Citrus Fruit
Source botaniqueCitrus Aurantium L.
Extracting SolventEau / éthanol
CouleurWhite or Off-White
ApparenceCrystalline FinePowder
Solubilité0.4g/L(20℃), 653g/L(80℃), in water.
ContenuNHDC ≥ 98% (HPLC)
Impurity B (Neodiosmin)≤2%
Impurity D(Naringin Dihydrochalcone)≤0.5%
Any Other Impurity≤0.5%
Total Impurities apart from Impurity B≤2.5%
Analyse granulométrique95% à 80 mesh
Perte lors du séchage≤11%
Cendres sulfatées≤0.2%
Solvents ResidualComply with current Ph.Eur
Heavy metal≤10PPM
Nombre total de plaques<800/g Max
Non-OGMSe conformer
Non irradiéSe conformer
Non-ESBSe conformer
Certificat casherSe conformer
Certificat HalalSe conformer

3. Applications

Juice, milk and derivatives, water based flavoured drinks, alcoholic drinks (beer, etc.).

Desserts and related products:
Chocolate based products, dry fruits, spreads, marmalades, jams, jelly, yoghourt, sweets, chewing-gum, cider, ice-cream, fruit preserves, sauces, bakery, low calorie food.

Savory products:
Paté, sauces and condiments, seasonings, mayonnaise, soups, fish and meat preserves. At very low levels (1-5 ppm) it enhances the food flavour profile.

Produits de beauté:
Tooth-paste, mouth-wash.

Pharmaceutical products:
NHDC attenuates bitter taste in drug formulations.

Improve feed taste and therefore increase daily feed intake with reduced feeding time.

4. Réglementation

● Enlisted as food flavoring substance in China GB2760-2014 (# S0269);

● Granted GRAS by FEMA (3811);

● Included in EU list of food flavoring agent (# E959);

● Included in "European Pharmacopoeia" (EP-8) ;

● Approved as "flavoring substance" by Australian National Food Administration;;

● Listed in the USA Pharmacopoeia Commission US-FCC8;

● Listed in catalog of the varieties of feed additives by China Ministry of Agriculture Notice No. 2045, As the sweet substance(2013).

5. Livraison d'emballage

Emballage en vrac(10kg-25kg): Paper drum with double inner food-grade p.e. bag.

Small package(1kg-5kg): Aluminum foil bag with inner food-grade p.e. bag (or as required).