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Extraits de pamplemousse

Experts in the extraction of flavonoids, natural substances beneficial to the health.

Not just Citrus Auratium L, Kangbiotech can also offer ingredients which extracted from Citrus Paradisi, that is, grapefruit.

  • Naringine

    Un glycoside flavonoïde qui est abondamment contenu dans la peau du pamplemousse; qui se caractérise par une activité anti-oxydante, des effets anti-inflammatoires, une action anti-bactérienne et antivirale.

  • apigénine

    A flavonoid prepared from naringin, Might be taken orally without side effects. Suitable for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and tumor.

  • Naringenin

    A flavanone found in citrus and grape fruit, derivative of naringin.

  • Phloretin

    A dihydrochalcone flavonoid extracted from apple peel, root and leaves, or prepared from naringin extracted from grapefruit, through molecular modification, commonly used as whitening ingredient in cosmetics.