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Lieu d'origine: Hunan, Chine

Nom de la marque: Kang

Numéro du modèle: KL-007

Certification: ISO9001 / Halal / Casher

N ° CAS: 10236-47-2

Molecule formula:  C27H32O14

Conditions commerciales du produit
Quantité minimum: 1KG
Détails de l'emballage: Tambour en papier avec double sac intérieur en PE de qualité alimentaire
Délai de livraison: 7-15 jours
Conditions de paiement: T / T, L / C, Western Union
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 100 MT per year
Détail rapide:

1. Description

Naringin is extracted from grapefruit fruit. It's a compound capable of exerting many health benefits and helpful in preventing and treating many conditions and illnesses.

This bioflavonoid has antioxidant and antifungal properties, and as such may help prevent cancer and atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), as well as a few other ailments.
Naringin also works synergistically with other nutrients, increasing the bio-availability and therefore maximizing the health benefits of these nutrients.

It could be used as bitter agent in beer and coffee, and formulas containing large percentage of sugar.

2. Caractéristiques

Information basique Nom du produit Naringine
Source botanique Citrus grandis
N ° CAS 10236-47-2
Appearance de contact Poudre fine
Couleur Blanc
Senteur Inodore
Physical / Chemical characters Molecule formula C27H32O14
Molecule weight 580.53
Solubilité Hardly dissolve in cold water, partially soluble in hot water, methanol, ethanol
Pureté Naringin ( on dry basis ) 96% à 98% HPLC
Point de fusion 247-250 ℃
d'eau ≤5.0%
Résidu de calcination ≤0.5%
Plomb (Pb) ≤ 2 mg / kg
Arsenic ≤ 2 mg / kg
Microbiologique Nombre total de plaques ≤ 1000 XNUMX UFC / g
Molds & yeast ≤ 100 XNUMX UFC / g
E. coli Negative / 25g
Pathogenic bacteria (shigella, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus) Negative / 25g
Stockage de colis Sealed in 25 kg paper drum, with double inner food-grade plastic bag, drum size: 40*40*50CM. Stored in cool and dry space, avoid strong direct heat and light.
Durée de conservation 24 mois
Statut légal Comply with the British Pharmacopoeia Volume V Appendices
Appendix I A. General Reagents Naringin, the EDQM (EP7.0 4.1.1 Reagents N.443 )
Non-GMO and radiation Production of Non-GMO raw materials, and no ionizing radiation.
Certificats ISO22000, ISO9001, Kosher, Halal

3. Fonctions et caractéristiques

● Effet antioxydant

   Naringin was shown to possess strong superoxide scavenging activity and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity the ability to quench ROS, decrease the oxygen-free radical-stimulated K+ permeability, and inhibit lipid peroxidation.

● Anti-inflammatory effect

   Naringin has been shown to mediate its anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting IL-8, MCP-1, and MIP-1α secretion and mRNA expression, and by inhibiting the phosphorylation of ERK1/2, JNK, and p38 MAPK, probably through blocking the activation of the NF-κB and MAPK signaling pathways.


● Cardioprotective effects: potentially retard the progression of atherosclerosis

● Neuroprotection: beneficial effect in alleviation of Alzheimerʼs disease

● Bone diseases: augmented osteoblastic activity; improve osteogenic proliferation and differentiation in MC3T3-E1 cells; prevent bone loss

● Gastrointestinal tract: reduced the ulcer index and improved gastric mucosal morphology

4. Applications

● Applied in pharmaceutical field, in the form of tablet or capsule, for provention or alleviation of  atherosclerosis, Alzheimerʼs, gastrointestinal disorder, or bone loss.

● Applied in food and drink industries, as bitter agent or taste modifier.

● Applied in cosmetic products, for skin nourishing or redness alleviation.

● As raw material for preparation of dihydrochalcone sweeteners like neohesperidin DC(NHDC) and naringin DC(NADC).

5. Livraison d'emballage

Emballage en vrac(10 kg-25 kg): tambour en papier avec double sac intérieur en PE de qualité alimentaire.

Petit paquet(1kg-5kg): sac en papier d'aluminium avec sac intérieur en PE de qualité alimentaire (ou au besoin).