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Solución edulcorante y aromatizante

Kangbiotech devote to develop sweetener and flavor enhancer or modifier, which derived from the bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium L.). We offer custom-made flavor solution that meet different finished products, whether they are sweet, salty or spicy, especially to inhibit the unpleasant taste and smell.

Our expert team will offer you a customised service, attending and understanding your needs and will kindly advise you properly. Our goal is your success, enhancing the value of your products.

  • Neohesperidina Dihidrocalcona
    Neohesperidina Dihidrocalcona

    Edulcorante bajo en calorías derivado de la naranja amarga, con un dulzor de 1,500 a 1,800 veces más que la sacarosa, el NHDC ha sido tratado como la sustancia más representativa de los FMP (aromas con propiedades modificantes).

  • Edulcorante compuesto
    Edulcorante compuesto

    Los edulcorantes compuestos con diferentes perfiles de dulzor y sabor están disponibles diseñados profesionalmente de acuerdo con las demandas de nuestros clientes.

  • Naringina dihidrocalcona
    Naringina dihidrocalcona

    Owns sweetening power of 500 to 700 times more than sucrose. It's also applied to enhance the taste of food or beverages.

  • Mogroside v
    Mogroside v

    Extracted from S. grosvenorii fruit; 250 times sweeter than sucrose and commonly used as sugar substitutes.

  • Esteviósido

    Prepared from stevia leaves which can be used as sweetener in many area, notably in America and Asia (Japan, China).