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PMFs (Polymethoxyflavone)

Herkunftsort: Hunan, China

Markenname: Kang

Modellnummer: KL-015

Zertifizierung: ISO9001 / Halal / Kosher

CAS No.: 478-01-3/481-53-8

Molecule formula: C21H22O8, C20H20O7

Produkt Handelsbedingungen
Verpackungsdetails:Papiertrommel mit doppeltem Pe-Beutel in Lebensmittelqualität
Lieferzeit:7-15 Tage
Zahlungsbedingungen:T / T ; L / C ; Western Union
Schnelles Detail:

1. Beschreibung

Polymethoxylated flavones—a group of flavonoid compounds extracted from the peels of oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits—are highly methoxylated and contain biologically active molecules with unique metabolic properties. The main two active ingredients are nobiletin and tangeretin.


CAS-Nr.: 478-01-3

Summenformel: C21H22O8

Molekulargewicht: 402.39


CAS-Nr.: 478-53-8
Summenformel: C20H20O7
Molekulargewicht: 372.37

2. Spezifikationen

Teil verwendetSchälen
Botanische QuelleCitrus Aurantium L.
Extract SolventsWater Ethanol
AuswahlBraungelbes Pulver
AussehenFeines Puder
LöslichkeitSlightly soluble in hot water and ethanol
Reinheit10% -98% HPLC
Siebanalyse95% bis 80 mesh
Sulfatierte Asche≤0.2%
Schwermetall≤ 20PPM
Gesamtzahl der Platten< 1000 KBE / gMax
Nicht bestrahltConform
Koscheres ZertifikatConform

3. Funktionen und Merkmale

● Polymethoxylated Flavones can be a marker of citrus classification;

● According to analysing the composition of Polymethoxylated Flavones in fruit juices, we can check out the counterfeit or inferior lemon juice products;

● To reduce the aggregation of red blood cell in human body and lower blood cell sedimentation rate;

● To induce that white blood cells inhibit the growth of HL 60 leukemia cells;

● Anti-cancer by dissolving cancer cells; good for blood circulation of coronary heart disease (CHD) patients;

● Polymethoxylated Flavones can be used as cardiotonic;

● Polymethoxylated Flavones has biological activities of antiviral and antibacterial.

4. Anwendungen

● Applied in health product field, as dietary supplement ingredients;

● Applied in pharmaceutical field, based on results of rigorous clinical research.

5. Verpackungslieferung

Großpaket(10 kg-25 kg): Papiertrommel mit doppeltem Pe-Beutel in Lebensmittelqualität.

Kleines Paket(1 kg bis 5 kg): Aluminiumfolienbeutel (oder nach Bedarf).