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What is New methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone

March 26,2024

New methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone,  as a food flavoring, As a sweet substance in the Catalogue of Feed Additives in China , neomethylhesperidin dihydrochalcone belongs to flavonoid derivatives (vitamin P class), and its various characteristics make it have broader application prospects.

The New methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone has the following features.

High sweetness and low calorie content. High sweetness (1500-1800 times sweeter than sucrose), refreshing taste, long-lasting aftertaste, and excellent bitterness shielding effect. The glycosidic group of new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone undergoes hydrolysis in the human body, and the glycosidic group does not participate in metabolism, so its thermal energy value is extremely small (8.36J/g), making it suitable as a low-energy food sweetener. Slow sweetness and long duration. The sweetness comes slowly, the aftertaste lasts for a long time (57S), and the time for sweetness to reach its maximum value is longer than that of saccharin (42S) and sucrose (24S). Good stability, non-toxic, and fast metabolic rate. Its properties are very stable when used in acidic or alkaline environments, making it the most stable and safe sweetener known, increasing its broad-spectrum application. It has seasoning characteristics such as increasing sweetness, aroma, flavor, and masking bitterness. It has antioxidant properties, physiological activities such as lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

The new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone has used widely, if you are interested in our product please contact us. Thank you.


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