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What is Fructus Aurantii

March 29,2024

Fructus Aurantii,  also known as sour orange or bitter orange. Although it belongs to the citrus genus of the Rutaceae family as well as the well-known sweet orange, its taste is relatively bitter. Fructus Aurantii is usually harvested from orchards and dried for preservation. Compared to mature citrus fruits, the content of synephrine in Fructus Aurantii is much higher than that in citrus fruits, so extracting synephrine from Fructus Aurantii is preferred.

Fructus Aurantii extract, Simephrine, is the main active ingredient in lime fruit.

It can effectively prevent energy excess (heat accumulation), regulate qi, warm the stomach, promote appetite, and accelerate metabolism. In theory, lime can accelerate fat metabolism and will not have adverse side effects on cardiovascular health like patients who use ephedra. It is also a mild aromatic expectorant, a nerve sedative, and a laxative for treating constipation, which has been included in the pharmacopoeia of the Nordic countries and the German Pharmacopoeia.

Synephrine has the effects of promoting fat breakdown, lowering blood lipids, oxidizing fat, controlling appetite, and losing weight. It can accelerate fat metabolism, and users can expect variable effects including consuming excess calories, reducing appetite, and improving satiety, all of which may lead to weight loss. Therefore, synephrine is commonly used as an active ingredient in weight loss drugs.

Fructus Aurantii extract Simephrine is a natural stimulant of the new century, with no positive reactions or side effects. It has been applied in healthcare industries such as medicine, food, and beverages. At the same time, Fructus Aurantii extract Simephrine is also a laxative for treating constipation. The characteristics of natural plant extracts make Fructus Aurantii extract Simephrine increasingly popular.


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