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The Introduction of bitter orange extract

February 02,2024

[Product name]: bitter orange extract
[Part Used]: fruit
[Latin name]: Citrus arantium
[Specification]: 50% HPLC
[Out appearance]: brown-yellow powder
[Effective ingredients]: neohesperidin ,hesperidin,naringin,etc.
[Extract method]: Alcohol and water
[Package]: 25kg/drum
[Shelf life]: 2 years
[Storage situation]: This fruit extract should be stored in cool and dry well-fasten container, keep away from moisture, keep away from heat and direct sun light. The extract powder is stable up to expire date when stored under the above environment.

[Introduction for Bitter Orange Extract]

Bitter orange is also known as citrus aurantium L. it has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat chest congestion and stimulate gastrointestinal functions. In the past few years bitter orange has been marketed for weight loss. This supplements are not recommended to those with high blood pressure or heart disease.

Citrus Aurantium Extract are bioflavonoids with obvious Biological Action extracted from citrus fruits. It has specific aromaticity and obvious pharmacological action.

Clinical research testified that Citrus Bioflavonoids is not only pharmacology gene but also important nutrition gene. Typical sources for Bioflavonoids include the natural substances found in vegetables, fruits and grains. Bioflavonoids are required to be complemented as quick metabolism in human’s body.

The specific physiological activity of Citrus Bioflavonoids has obtained world recognition, and lots of healthy foods containing natural bioflavonoids as dietary supplements have appearred in current market, at the mean time, it has abroad application in cosmestics and pharmaceuticals,and feed.

[Medical function in short]

1. Help protect regulate blood fat, reduce blood viscosity, improve serum lipid, prolong life-span of red-cell and enhance haemopoiesis;
2. Inhibite the growth of leukaemia cell HL-60 and dissolve canser cell;
3. Beneficial for eliminating free radical and toxin, and preventing disease;
4. Provide natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.

The specific action of Citrus Bioflavonoids in Bioflavonoids embodies in: Maintain normal osmotic pressure increase capillary toughness, abridge bleeding time and reduce cholesterol in metabolic physiology; It also can clear up black spots and fleckers in cosmetics.


Bioflavonoids are most commonly found in bitter orange and wherever vitamin C is found. They are in the white flesh of an orange rind. Blue, purple and red fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, plums and purple cabbage are also high in bioflavonoids. Other sources are buckwheat, soybeans and root vegetables. The amount of bioflavonoids in a citrus source is variable, so you will need to supplement in order to get the therapeutic benefit of these nutrients.


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