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The Introduction of Hesperidin

November 11,2023

Hesperidin is a typical citrus bioflavonoid. One of hesperidin’s widely known usage is, to promote the absorption of vitamin C, and improve the body's immunity. Another application of hesperidin is, alone or along with diosmin, to strengthen blood vessel and relief (subcutaneous) capillary bleeding.

Place of Origin: Hunan, China

Brand Name: Kang

Model Number: KL-005

Certification: ISO9001/Halal/Kosher

CAS No.: 520-26-3

Molecule formula: C28H34O15


Part Used Immature Fruit
Botanical Source Citrus Aurantium L.
Extract Solvents Ethanol / Water
Items Specification
Color Yellow to light brown
Odor Characteristic
Appearance Fine Powder
Solubility Slightly soluble in water and methanol
Purity 10%-98% HPLC
Sieve Analysis 95% through 80 mesh
Loss on Drying ≤11%
Sulphated Ashes ≤0.2%
Heavy Metal ≤20PPM
Total Plate Count <1000cfu/gMax

Functions and Features

● To Decrease capillary permeability and fragility;

● Vasoprotective action through the inhibition of the enzyme hyaluronidase;

● To Decrease blood cell and platelet aggregation

● To Lower Blood Cholesterol

● To Reduce Oxidative Damage and Inflammation; Brain Protecting

● To protect brain from oxidative damage; Pre-treatment with hesperidin and L-arginine slightly protected against memory loss.    


● Raw material for pharmaceutical tablets and caps;

● Important raw material of diosmin and methyl hesperidin, etc.;

● Applied in cosmetics, e.g. for eye cream which helps treat dark circles;

● Typical combination of Diosmin for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


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