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Efficacy and effects of Monk Fruit extract

January 04,2024

Monk Fruit, perennial vine, mainly grows in Guangxi Province, China. This rare fruit is often used as a sugar substitute. As we all know, it has a positive role in blood sugar and reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer. Long-term use of it can clear away heat and cool blood, produce fluid and relieve cough. The health benefits of this exotic fruit are also constantly being discovered. Monk Fruit extract is a new and unique glycoside, and its advantage is also irreplaceable for other sugars. Unlike sugar, stevia, low sugar, and common sugar, the extracts neither store fat, nor raise insulin levels or raise your cholesterol. It has been shown that extracts of natural fruit can promote fat burning without stimulating insulin production. The extract of Monk is the first and only natural product that is sweet but can lose weight. It has the effect of lowering blood fat and weight loss, and can assist in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and improve the image of obese people.

The main chemical components of sweet glycosides

MogrosideⅣ -glc-glc -glc-glc C53H88O24

MogrosideⅤ -glc-glc -glc-glc glc C59H98O29

The research and development mainly focus on sweet glycoside, has been isolated and identified in the fruit 11 kinds of triterpenoid glycoside (Cucurbitaneglycosides) compounds, they have a common glycoside Mogrol, including the fruit glycoside V (Mogroside V) is the main sweet side, accounting for 30%~40% of the total sweet glycoside, its sweetness is about 265~344 times of sucrose sweetness. In the market, V has been used as a quantitative index of the quality of the products, and its content is generally determined by high performance liquid chromatography.


2.1. Monk Fruit extract is used in traditional Chinese medicine for cold, cough, sore throat, gastrointestinal discomfort, and can be used for blood clearing.

2.2.Monk Fruit extract is easily soluble in water and no precipitation. The extract contained 80% or more arsides. It is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and low in calories. It is ideal for stable and nonfermentative additives in diabetic patients.

2.3. It contains a lot of amino acids, fructose, vitamins and minerals. It is also used as a spice and nutritional additive in traditional Chinese cooking. As a universal natural sweetener, it is an ideal substitute for artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. It can be fully used in beverages, baked foods, nutritious foods, low-heat foods or other foods that require low or no carbohydrate sweeteners or that require low or no calories. Cooking or baking does not affect its flavor or sweetness.

Distribution of fruit V in each site

In all parts of dried fruit, the V content of the peel was 0.26%. The fruit capsule has the highest content of 2.36% and the lower V content is only 0.06%. V showed the highest distribution at 91.10% and the lowest in seeds at 2.21%. The percentage of the whole dried mesocarp was 0.07%, 0.90% fruit capsule and 0.02% seed.

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Monk Fruit sweet ingredients

4.1. The sweet taste of the Monk Fruit

The sweet ingredients of the fruit include free sugar fructose glucose, glucose, and about 2% of the strong sweet triterterpenoids, plus a small amount of mannitol.

19 75 American C.H.Lee report contains triterpenoid sweet taste. Lee separated the water or 50% ethanol extract of Arfruit by SephadexG-25 or Ambeidte XAD-2 column treatment by prepared thin layer chromatography to obtain a 156-fold nonsugar substance of sweet sucrose, presumed to be triterpenoids.

4.2. Health function of Monk in and its application in food industry

Monk Fruit is a unique health medicine in China, it is sweet and cool, with clearing heat and moistening lung, smooth bowel defecation, promote gastrointestinal function, used for the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, constipation, etc. Aragin is the most important effective ingredient. Literature reports that because the glycoside bonds in the structure of Monk Fruit side are β bonds, they can not be decomposed and digested in the human body, so it has special health care function. Arside is a pure natural product, high sweetness, low calories, sweet and delicious, non-toxic and harmless safe food, is the ideal health care product for patients with diabetes hypertension, constipation, chronic bronchial and chronic pharyngitis.

4.3. Physicochemical properties of Monk side

fructin has high sweetness, low heat, light color and good water solubility. When the fructin content is greater than 80%, 0.001% solution compared with 5% sucrose solution is greater than 200 times, and when the same sweetness, the heat is only one 50th of sucrose. The continuous heating in 100℃ neutral aqueous solution for 25h or in 120℃ air is not destroyed, and the thermal stability is very good. When stored alone or mixed with other substances, no fermentation or mildew will occur within 18 months. It is less affected by pH and will not change for 2 years within pH2.0-10.0.

4.4. Application of Monk side in food industry

Monk fructose added as a sweetener in all kinds of food can partially or completely replace sucrose to make candy such as starch jelly added 0.00012% rohan fructose can produce flavor, taste are good candy. The biscuit structure made by Monk fructose instead of sucrose is very good, cool and refreshing after the mouth, chewing without dry feeling. In Japan, people add people to the solution of making pickles. 0 005% of the Monk fructose sugar, pickled salt can be reduced by 50%, pickled dishes crisp and crisp. The low-sugar solid drink made of Monk fructose and pueraria extract is clear, clear and fragrant, and has the effect of quenching thirst, diuresis, refreshing, lowering blood pressure and promoting the stomach and stomach. It can also be prepared with green tea, osmanthus, mung bean pearl and other nutrients into a distinctive health drinks, in dairy products can promote the health of children, the elderly and patients. The UK is developing soluble starch as auxiliary material, plus 0.015% two pressed into square sugar for coffee drinking, Japan with lozenges.

Food additive luohan fruit sweet glycoside and quality and safety standards

Fruit glycoside, is regarded as a new generation of functional natural sweeteners, is our unique sweet plant fruit extract, including fruit side V is one of the world's strongest sweet substances, respectively stevia glycoside, licorice, sugar sweetness 2 times, 6 times and 300 times, and low heat non-toxic, international demand soared, become the fastest growing plant extracts in the international market.

Lianyuan Kang Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Loudi High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, covering an area of 50 acres of production housing. Now has tens of thousands of acres of bitter orange planting base, is a committed to the deep processing of citrus fruit, citrus functional components comprehensive development and utilization of high-tech enterprises, the company has 29 invention patents, is a set of planting, research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises.

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the development of citrus functional ingredients, and has developed five series of products: Sweet flavor series ( Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, NHDC, naringenin dihydrochalcone, compound sweetener), grapefruit extract and derivative series (apigenin, naringin, naringenin, phloretin, grapefruit flavone), Citrus extract and its derivative series (neohesperidin, hesperidin, hesperetin, polymethoxy flavone PMFS,  Synephrine, Selaginella extract (Amentoflavone), citrus pectin series (citrus pectin, citrus fiber) and citrus essential oil series (neroli oil, Petitgrain oil, neroli hydrosol). It has applied for 29 invention patents and is committed to providing nutrition and sweet solutions for the food industry.

Kang Biotech focuses on innovation, constantly creates value for customers, and is willing to develop together with customers.

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