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Efficacy and effect of hesperetin

January 03,2024

Hesperetin is a natural flavonoids, widely found in fruits, flowers, food and other plant sources.

 It mainly comes from  hesperidin  hydrolysis, has biological and pharmacological activities, and is widely used in organic chemistry, medicine, agriculture, food and other fields.

(1)Antioxidant effect: hesperetin can avoid the harm caused by peroxidation reaction by removing peroxynitrite root ions.

(2)Anti-inflammatory effect: hesperetin can inhibit the mediating effect of inflammatory mediators, thus indirectly inhibiting inflammatory response. Compared with hesperidin, hesperin has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect, which affects its anti-inflammatory activity after connecting hesperetin C7 with rassate.

(3) Hypolipidemic effect: hesperetin can inhibit the effect of cholesterol-producing enzymes and esterification enzymes, so as to achieve the effect of lowering blood lipid.

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Hesperetin has the effect of reducing blood lipid and vascular permeability, and can play a role in preventing thrombosis. Hesperetin can also protect the hypoxia of endothelial cells by stimulating some mitochondrial enzymes, such as succinate dehydrogenase, and prevent the coagulation caused by endothelial cell necrosis and induce thrombosis. In addition, hesperetin promotes antiplatelet coagulation activity by inhibiting the phosphorylation of PLC γ 2 and its downstream signaling, which can prevent the formation of thrombosis and favor the cardiovascular system.

Hesperetin has an antioxidant effect, thus avoiding carcinogenesis caused by genetic changes caused by these factors. Promoting the P-glycoprotein-mediated efflux of drugs from tumor cells, flavonoids (hesperetin, etc.) can alter the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to vincristine, and it is also related to its concentration. Low concentration of flavonoids reduces the uptake of vincristine by brain capillary endothelial cells; high concentration promotes.

Hesperetin is used in health drugs and health products, such as Amway products have added hesperetin. The United States hot-selling health care products vitality 50, its main active ingredient is also hesperetin.

As additives to some cosmetics, such as CLARINS (Clarins) evening creams contain hesperidin. 

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It is also used in food in Japan as an additive with vitamin p action. In China, hesperetin is mainly used as a drug raw material, and the main efficacy of related drugs includes stomach strengthening, expectorant, expectoration, cough, wind repellent, diuresis, restraint and stomachache.

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