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Amazing Bioflavonoids - Apigenin

September 28,2023

Apigenin is a flavonoid compound that is widely distributed in nature. It is widely found in plants of the family Recheryaceae, Verbenaceae and Cypress family, and can also be obtained in large quantities from vegetables and fruits, of which the lowest content of celery source is basically about 0.02%, the content in chamomile is conventionally 2.5%, and the content of synthetic sources can reach 98%.

Apigenin is a remarkable bioflavonoid, and a team of researchers at the University of Ohio, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reported that the compound Apigenin ( Apigenin) binds to about 160 proteins in the body and has the potential to help promote cellular health in a variety of tissues.

Fruits and vegetables rich in Apigenin are grapes, oranges, olives, perilla, chamomile, celery, cabbage, lettuce, goji berries.......

Apigenin has the following effects:

1. Apigenin has antioxidant effects

2. Apigenin has anti-tumor effects

3. Apigenin has a controlling effect on uric acid

4. Apigenin has antibacterial effects

5. Apigenin has anti-inflammatory effects

6. Apigenin has a therapeutic effect on osteoporosis

7. Apigenin has anti-African swine fever effect

8. Apigenin has anti-obesity effects

9. Apigenin has a hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effect

A few examples of Apigenin's anticancer effects:

Here are some examples of the cancer-preventing effects of Apigenin and its synergy with chemotherapy in specific cancer types.

Role of Apigenin in Gastrointestinal Cancer:

In the case of gastrointestinal cancer, Apigenin was found to induce cell death and hinder the growth of new blood vessels that contribute to tumor growth. In addition, Apigenin makes the tumor environment worse by reducing the uptake of glucose by cancer cells, interfering with the remodeling of the external and surrounding matrix of cancer cells, and blocking processes that promote cancer progression and spread.

Effects of Apigenin Combined with Gemcitabine Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer – Experimental Study

A laboratory study conducted by researchers at Seoul National University School of Medicine in South Korea found that Apigenin enhanced gemcitabine's anti-tumor efficacy against pancreatic cancer. Another study conducted by researchers at the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago also found that using Apigenin with gemcitabine inhibited pancreatic cancer cell growth and induced cancer cell death (apoptosis). In short, multiple studies using cell culture and animal models have found that Apigenin enhances the efficacy of gemcitabine chemotherapy in other difficult-to-treat pancreatic cancers.

Effect of Apigenin in combination with cisplatin chemotherapy – experimental study

In a study conducted by researchers from Trakya University in Turkey, the combination of Apigenin with the chemotherapy drug cisplatin significantly enhanced its cytotoxic effect on prostate cancer cells (anticancer effect of Apigenin) and determined the molecular mechanism of action of Apigenin.


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