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The activity of fertilizing trees in Arbor Day

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Today is the 46th Arbor Day in China,in response to the national call to jointly build a beautiful China,our Kang biotech co.,ltd held a planting activity. Almost at 2 o’clock, we gathered in front of the office building, and did the preparation of fertilizing trees. We have prepared the tools and fertilizers,in order to making our trees more healthy.

Subsequently, everyone arrived at the tree fertilizing site and began the tree fertilizing activity. Everyone takes every step of the tree fertilizing process seriously and meticulously, including spreading fertilizing, digging pits to cultivate soil, and lifting water for irrigation. After hard work and rejuvenation, the pits are full of fertilizer and then spreading the soil.   

The significance of Arbor Day lies in promoting and protecting trees, and organizing and mobilizing the masses to actively participate in afforestation activities. This festival not only beautifies the environment, but also helps to expand mountain and forest resources, prevent soil erosion, protect farmland, regulate climate, and promote economic development. It is a grand project that benefits contemporary and future generations. The activities of Arbor Day can stimulate people's enthusiasm for afforestation, improve their understanding of the functions of forests, and achieve the goal of protecting forests and improving the ecological environment

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