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Researcher Shan Yang went to Lianyuan Kanglu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance

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On March 15th, the vice president Researcher Shan Yang led a team of experts, Li Gaoyang, to Lianyuan Kanglu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance.

Accompanied by the chairman of the company, Xiao Yecheng and others, Shan Yang and his party visited the company's tortoiseshell lime planting base, raw material storage, production and processing workshop, and testing and analysis laboratory. At the following symposium, Chairman Xiao Yecheng gave a detailed introduction to company planning, talent team, product development, and market performance. Researcher Shan Yang expressed appreciation for the company's entrepreneurial history, development philosophy, and social contributions, and briefly introduced the global citrus industry overview, focusing on a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the products, technologies, markets, and development trends of the comprehensive utilization of citrus by-products.

The two parties agreed to carry out comprehensive and in-depth pragmatic cooperation in base planning and construction, production process technology, quality and safety evaluation, innovative project platforms, standard formulation and revision, terminal product research and development, talent training, etc. Actively contribute to the revitalization strategy and targeted poverty alleviation, and strive to make the company a world-class leading citrus technology company.

It is reported that Lianyuan Kanglu Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2015. It is China's first citrus industry chain enterprise and the largest comprehensive utilization company of citrus by-products in China. It mainly produces citrus flavonoids, pectin and essential oils. And its derivatives and products are exported to foreign markets such as Germany, Spain and Israel.

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