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Kang Biotech held an annual party

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Jan 26nd, 2024, Kang Biotech held an annual party. Everyone can join this activity. The following is the annual party process:

1. Opening speech: The host will give the opening speech to the annual meeting. Welcome and thank the attendees.

2.Company review: to review the work of the past year, including the achievements of various departments, milestone events, as well as the recognition and reward of employees. This segment is designed to motivate employees and strengthen the team spirit.

3. Interactive link: organize some interactive activities, lucky draw, small games.

4. Recognition and awarding: recognize and reward employees who have performed well in the past year.

5. Summary speech: The general manager made a summary speech, reviewed the whole annual meeting, and once again emphasized the company's core values and future development direction.

The core content and highlights of this annual conference are to encourage employees to continue to work hard, but also to reflect on the existing problems and space for improvement, so as to provide the direction and motivation for the development of the company.  

Lianyuan Kang Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Loudi High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, covering an area of 50 acres of production housing. Now has tens of thousands of acres of bitter orange planting base, is a committed to the deep processing of citrus fruit, citrus functional components comprehensive development and utilization of high-tech enterprises, the company has 29 invention patents, is a set of planting, research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises.

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the development of citrus functional ingredients, and has developed five series of products: Sweet flavor series (Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, NHDC, naringenin dihydrochalcone, compound sweetener), grapefruit extract and derivative series (apigenin, naringin, naringenin, phloretin, grapefruit flavone), Citrus extract and its derivative series (neohesperidin, hesperidin, hesperetin, polymethoxy flavone PMFS, Synephrine, Selaginella extract  oil series (neroli oil, Petitgrain oil, neroli hydrosol). It has applied for 29 invention patents and is committed to providing nutrition and sweet solutions for the food industry.

Kang Biotech focuses on innovation, constantly creates value for customers, and is willing to develop together with customers.





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