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Citrus, a group of generous plants!

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Human can benefit in many ways from citrus! As the highest yielding fruit plant in the world, citrus including pomelo, grapefruit and orange produce more than 140 million tons of fresh fruits annually.

People seek medicinal materials from citrus, such as fructus aurantii, tangerine peel, tangerine collateral. And obtain flavors and fragrances, such as bitter orange flowers oil, normally known as “Neroli”.

By means of modern technology, kinds of active components have been isolated from citrus. That's the substantial basis for these plants to act as functional food and medicine materials. These ingredients include pectin, bioflavonoids, alkaloids, and volatile oils. People also derive functional chemicals through structural modification from citrus bioflavonoids. Some of these derivatives can do good to human's health as well, like Neohesperidin DC, apigenin, phloretin, and so on!

Citrus, really a genus of amazing and generous plants!

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