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A wonderful visiting in Flower Base

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Recently, The students of the fragrance aesthetics and perfumery class of Shanghai Fragrance Research Institute came to Lianyuan Kanglu Biological Tortoiseshell Flower Base for study and research.

Shanghai Fragrance Research Institute Co., Ltd., formerly directly under the Ministry of Light Industry of the People's Republic of China, is a professional research institution of flavors and fragrances in China, mainly researching the synthesis of daily chemicals, food, tobacco and other spices, flavor blending, natural fragrance cultivation and detection and analysis of flavors and fragrances cosmetics. The National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Fragrances, Flavors and Cosmetics, the Shanghai Detergent and Cosmetics Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Flavors, Flavors and Cosmetics, the National Fragrance Industry Information Center and the Productivity Promotion Center of Light Industry Flavors and Fragrances are all located in the Institute.

In the morning, the students and our colleagues went to the flower base together, the weather was nice, suitable for visiting. When we arrived, students pick flowers together, the aroma is blowing in the face. During the visiting, we interviewed a few trainees, one of them said:” Walking in a garden, you can feel the full aroma, come to nature and smell the fragrance of flowers in person, the feeling is very different, the whole person is very relaxed, and the breath of spring is very beautiful. The other one said that We are doing pure plant home aromatherapy, we want to come to the source base, experience a process of picking flowers, a process of pure essential oil refining.

When we finish the visiting, there is a meeting thereafter, it is hoped that there will be further exchanges of fragrance technology, as well as more in-depth industrial cooperation, and hope to carry forward the tortoiseshell flower.





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