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Citrus Extract

  • Hesperidin

    Natural phenolic compound with a wide range of biological effects. Important raw material for diosmin production.

  • PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)
    PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)

    A group of the flavonoids naturally found in citrus peel, with tangeretin (Tan) and nobiletin (Nob) as the main components. There is a growing interest in applying PMFs to nutraceuticals productss because of their multiple health-promoting benefits.

  • Hesperetin

    A flavanone derived from hesperidin occured naturally in citrus fruit.

  • Synephrine

    A substance that occurs naturally in citrus fruits, particularly in bitter orange. It is added to food upplements for weight management or better work-out performance.

  • Diosmin/Hesperidin

    A therapeutic phlebotoni agents used to improve health of veins; a supplement commonly used to treat circulatory symptom.

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