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Citrus Bioflavonoids

Place of Origin:       Hunan,China

Brand Name:           Kang

Model Number:       KL-013

Certification:           ISO9001/Halal/Kosher

CAS No.:                  520-26-3 / 10236-47-2 / 13241-33-3

Molecule formula:  C28H34O15 / C27H32O14

Product Commercial Terms
Minimum Order Quantity:1KG
Packaging Details:Paper drum with double inner food-grade pe bag.
Delivery Time:7-15 days
Payment Terms:T/T;L/C;Western Union
Supply Ability:Available
Quick Detail:

1. Description

Citrus bioflavonoids, a group of ingredients with similar molecular skeleton, were found primarily in unripe citrus fruit and fruit peels. There are more than one hundred of bioflavonoids in citrus, including hesperidin, naringin, polymethoxyflavones, etc.


With antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, Citrus bioflavonoids could promote vascular, gastrointestinal and blood capillary health; provide health benefits like anticancer, free radical scavenging, and whitening, inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

2. Specifications

Product NameCitrus Bioflavonoids
Botanical source
Citrus Aurantium L
Extract solvents
Brown-yellow fine powder
10-90% HPLC
Active ingredients
Sieve analysis100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on Drying
Sulphated Ashes
Heavy Metal≤20 PPM
Total Plate Count

3. Functions and Features

● Powerful antioxidant function.

● Anti inflammationn, free radical scavenging, anti-virus,antibacterial, anti sensitive etc.

● Stand against fungal and bacterial infections for plant-fortifier.

● Enhance body immunity system of animal, increase apetite.

● Might be used in cosmetic because of their powerful antioxidant function


4. Applications

● Application in medical field for preventing infections like anti-cancer;

● Used in health promoting industry, as functional materials for boosting immune system;

● Used in cosmetics industry, as functional substances with whitening, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.


5. Packing Delivery

Bulk package(10kg-25kg):  In paper drum with double inner food-grade pe bag;   

Small package(1kg-5kg):    In Aluminum foil bag with inner food-grade pe bag. (or as required)