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Bitter Orange Extract

Leading Brand in the manufacturing of CITRUS extracts and derivates.

Flavonoids, natural substances in fruits and vegetables, have highly valued properties in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dietetic industries.

  • Hesperidin

    Natural phenolic compound with a wide range of biological effects. Important raw material for diosmin production.

  • PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)
    PMFs (Polymethoxy Flavones)

    A group of the flavonoids naturally found in citrus peel, with tangeretin (Tan) and nobiletin (Nob) as the main components. There is a growing interest in applying PMFs to nutraceuticals productss because of their multiple health-promoting benefits.

  • Hesperetin

    A flavanone derived from hesperidin occured naturally in citrus fruit.

  • Neohesperidin

    A flavanone glycoside mainly used as raw material for preparation of NHDC through molecular modification.

  • Synephrine

    A substance that occurs naturally in citrus fruits, particularly in bitter orange. It is added to food upplements for weight management or better work-out performance.